Sabbia Blue

The Artist

   Sabbia Blue draws on worldwide experiences to form his stunning and unique visual creations.

The main inspiration for him in creating a picture comes from it's historical setting and the characters involved. He captures scenes that are arresting, intense, dramatic and carry an air of ambiguity about them. Usually the scenes that he draws leave the viewer unsure about the true meaning of the picture. Which allows you to decide what the story is and how the scene unfolds.


Influences And Other Artists

   The first influences on Sabbiablue as an artist was the Florentine artists and in particular Andrea Mantegna(1431-1506) and most especially his picture "Lamentation of Christ". This was the artist and the level of technical mastery that he always hoped to emulate.

   There are many artists that he passionately studies in great detail, observing and learning different ways of delivering a composition and capturing an eye catching scene. The one Master artist Blue constantly refers back to is Albrecht Dürer(1471-1528) and for me he's the artist who has influenced Sabbiablue's work the most. He also shares a great love for Paolo Veronese(1528-1588) and Alma Tadema(1836-1912).


How it all started...

In his own words...

   "My adventure into art, and my desire to become an artist, really began in the summer of '98, during the World Cup.

   I have always had a creative streak in me, and even when I spent my early years travelling and living life, I would produce little abstract works which only friends and family ever saw. The pictures were amateur, colourful, but nothing serious or technically skilful. But with travelling, I never spent any real time creating any works to look at by the general public.

   Then in the summer of '98, during the World Cup, I found myself with weeks of nothing to do, but watch football. It was in between games, and wanting something productive to do, that I started drawing landmark places of the town I was living in, Perth. Creating sketches and then drawings on little postcards, in pencil.

   I enjoyed doing them, and everyone who saw them, commentated on how beautiful they were etc etc...even sold them for a £1 each...So after a few more postcards and a few more pounds, I decided to go a little bigger, and started doing the same thing but on A4 size cards instead. Again, everyone that saw the pictures, praised them and started buying them, this time at £2 a pic. Happy Days! So I sell a few, and things are going ok, but then life happens and I move to London.

   It was while in London, that I had the time and delight, to go nearly every day for about four months to The National Gallery. By this time, I was beginning to get seriously hooked on Art. Having partly grown up in Italy, I was used to seeing great works of Art up close, but now I was beginning to look at pictures and Art not to enjoy, but to study and learn.

   So now I'm studying different artists, learning techniques, learning what to put into a composition...all elements to make an eye arresting image. I learnt the grid technique to enlarge the picture size and practised constantly on shading patterns and technique.

   I am pleased and proud to now show the resulting works of all those years of sacrifice and hard work. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!"


Places to find Sabbiablue

   Having an audience see and hopefully enjoy his labours, is a secondary aspect to Sabbiablue, but none the less important to his artistic fulfilment. This artists revels in the task itself which has enabled his talents to grow year in year out improving the quality of his final image. Anyone can visit The Venue, Perth and see for themselves all of the detailing in these contemporary masterpieces. Here is some finished drawings stored on the Saatchi Gallery.



   Born in St Albans, his childhood was split between London and Rome. During his lifetime Sabbia Blue has worked and lived in some exotic and far flung destinations ; Italy, France, Spain, Singapore and all over the Carribean, amongst many others beautiful places. Above all he has a large place in his heart for all things Scottish. His favourite Scottish setting is at home on the Isle of Skye.